A Littls About Us

Fineglobe delivers top quality service and support programmes to the diving industry on many different levels.

The vast experience of the company in the field of scuba diving and its related industries provides value and quality to all its customers, including expertise in the optimisation of the use of PADI Educational Materials in the dive industry.

Delivering PADI Instructor and Career Development Programmes at their finest is what we are well known throughout the industry for.

Business Management and Consultation facilitates profitable growth and success and the provision of professional and well-trained staff is our aim.

Fineglobe also provides training in First Aid programmes to all industries to ensure the constant safety of employees and customers.

Fineglobe‘s infrastructure and strategic position in Cyprus enables an effective top-quality service to nearby countries such as Greece, Jordan, Lebanon and the Middle East.  Some of our services include;

  • PADI Instructor Training
  • Technical Instructor Training
  • First Aid & Oxygen Training for all Industries 
  • Consultation and Provision of Dive Centre Staff

Supporting the Diving Industry since 2010

Whilst our website is undergoing improvements please contact us at:

Email: info@fineglobe.net

20 Laxion Street
Aristo Complex 1, Shop 17
Coral Bay
CY-8575 Korallion